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Appliance Repair in Hayward

Golden State Appliance Repair strongly believes that customer satisfaction must be the main focus of any appliance repair company. We treat our customers with great care, in order to hear from them again. This is what makes our staff of experienced and skilled veterans of the appliance repair industry different.

All our efforts and operations are dedicated to a single purpose – to let our customers know how special and important they are. This is what makes our appliance repair services exceptional and unique.

Why Golden State Appliance Repair is an industry leader

Service Guarantee

1We value and respect our customers and want them to be happy with our appliance repair services. We place special emphasis upon building long-term relationships with our customers. Our trained staff in California will return your call within 30 seconds, will identify your needs and answer all your questions promptly and competently. No delays or unpleasant surprises.

2Our service charges are simple to understand and our warranty terms are crystal clear.

3We offer appliance repair services to fit your individual needs: same-day, next-day and emergency service. Our timings are from 9am to 9 pm, Monday through Saturday.

4Because our customers’ time is important to us we provide comfortable three-hour appointment gaps, together with thirty-minute prior to arrival calls.

5Our technicians have a reputation for quality and professionalism. Highly qualified, trained and licensed in handling almost all brands of appliances, they have what it takes to get things done superbly well. Besides being the best in the repair industry, our people are with the right kind of personality. They are absolutely trustworthy, responsible and dependable. So feel completely safe to invite them into your home.

Our Transparent Pricing

$65 service call

Golden State Appliance Repair offers the most attractive and affordable prices in the field of appliance repairs. The initial service fee of $65 is inclusive of trip and diagnostic expenses. And customers who decide to use our services waive this initial fee.

Your repair charge is estimated based on a pricing reference book, available in every technician’s kit. The charges are indicative of the usual and most common appliance services.

No extra fee for off-duty hours.

90-Day Warranty

90 day parts and labor warranty

We, at Golden State Appliance Repair are serious about our business and devoted to fulfilling our obligations effectively. Therefore, our warranty on parts and labor is 90 days. In case there is a failure, we will do any replacement that ought to be done for free.

In order to eliminate any problems that may arise after your appliance has been serviced by our technicians, it is the company’s policy to provide:

a Coverage for all parts and labor for 90 days. We will replace free of charge any failed parts that have been installed by us within a period of 90 days. For services required 30 or more days after the initial repair, a $40 service call fee will be charged.

b Original parts for the repair of your appliance. In case particular parts are no longer made by manufacturer, we will give our very best to procure pre-used parts of the highest quality.

Our objective is to serve our customers in the best possible way. What makes us different from other repair services is that we are easily accessible and always ready to respond to our customers’ needs. We persistently strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, so that they choose us if they want their expectations met and their needs satisfied. We are fully aware that the confidence customers have in us determines our reputation in the appliance repair industry.

Oven, Range Repair

stove and range repair in Union City
  • Stove surface burner doesn't light?
  • Stove has an odor leak?
  • Oven won't heat?
  • Oven with delayed ignition?
  • Gas range won't light?
  • Gas range burners spark?

Refrigerator Repair

refrigerator repair in Union City
  • Refrigerator not cold enough?
  • Refrigerator not defrosting?
  • Refrigerator too noisy or loud?
  • Refrigerator leaking water?
  • Refrigerator ice maker not working?
  • Refrigerator light not working?

Microwave Repair

microwave repair in Union City
  • Microwave doesn't heat?
  • Microwave light bulb not working?
  • Microwave turntable doesn't turn?
  • Microwave is sparking or arcing?
  • Microwave display not working?
  • Microwave is loud or noisy?

Washer Repair

washer repair in Union City
  • Washer won't spin?
  • Washer won't drain?
  • Washer leaking water?
  • Washer making loud noise?
  • Washer door won't lock?
  • Washer stops mid-cycle?

Dryer Repair

dryer repair in Union City
  • Dryer won't start?
  • Dryer won't stop?
  • Dryer stops turning during cycle?
  • Dryer won't turn at all?
  • Dryer takes too long?
  • Dryer is too hot?

Dishwasher Repair

dishwasher repair in Union City
  • Dishwasher doesn't clean?
  • Dishwasher won't drain?
  • Dishwasher leaking?
  • Dishwasher won't start?
  • Dishwasher overflowing?
  • Dishwasher buttons not working?

Are you experiencing any of these appliance issues? WE CAN HELP. Call us for Service at (510) 731-6450

servicing all major appliance brands in Union City